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I’m the modern entrepreneur’s marketing and PR agency. I keep my finger on the pulse of your industry to get your brand mentioned online. Content is king. The Backlink Queen gets your content seen.


Your Voice But Louder

For less than what you spend on Facebook ads, I keep your brand in the news by putting your content in the hands of influencers and publishers. I generate backlinks, brand awareness, and media publicity that achieve SEO objectives that signal Google and other search engines to highly rank your content.

Keep an eye on your brand

The Internet offers new ways for consumers to communicate with brands. That’s great for the customer experience but can be time consuming and daunting for small business owners.

Be a thought leader

The quality of your content determines your rank online. Content is king. You need the Backlink Queen to get your content seen by an interested audience.

Discover new revenue streams

I help build traffic from online and offline sources by relentlessly pitching your product or service to print and online publications.

be Heard

Your Audience Wants To Hear From You

Brand Mentions

I generate awareness for your product or service by pitching what you do to the media.

Brand Monitoring

I monitor your brand presence and help you manage your online reputation.

targeted approach

By delivering content that the media want to publish, I obtain valuable links to your site.


High Quality Mentions from Trusted Sources Such As

Hot off the press

Become A Thought Leader

Thought leadership content differentiates high-value authored information from trending “fake news.” To reduce the risk of polluting the information pool, search engines like Google steadfastly reward popular websites. I created Backlink Queen to help modern entrepreneurs and business owners take part in conversations about their business. It’s important to be heard as a thought leader and I can help you achieve that goal.


Pricing Models For Every Need

I think about your business as much as you do. That’s what it takes to get quality links back to your website.

Content is king. You need the Backlink Queen.

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