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*unlimited* news coverage

For $99 per month, opinionated experts like you receive valuable media coverage and brand mentions. Let me organize and pitch your content in a way that attracts the most attention and return on your monthly investment.

Total PR Representation

Constant media attention for a low monthly cost

Using my signature approach to gaining the attention of the media, brand influencer, and bloggers, I’m able to guarantee news coverage.

Most agencies cannot guarantee placements because their one-and-done approach to pitching topics doesn’t get you the constant coverage you deserve.

I pitch unique, newsworthy story ideas that begs journalists to write your story.

A La Carte

Service Add-Ons


$50 / ea

SEO Optimized Press Release
National Media Distribution


$50 / ea

SEO Benchmark Report
Competitor SWOT Analysis

$150 / ea

750-Word Article or Case Study
Article Distribution or Placement


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many mentions or backlinks can i expect each month?

Obtaining high quality mentions from established publications and media outlets requires some patience and there are no guarantees of a specific placement. That said, my relentless and newsworthy pitching style typically generates one mention and/or backlink every month.

What if I don't have time to answer the media?

There's a Backlink Queen option for that! Using my decade of experience workign with the media, I'll draft your expert quote. With your consent, I'll release your quote to the publisher or news outlet.

can you get mentions for any type of business?

Generally speaking, there are some businesses that attract more media attention than others. Before we start a monthly plan, I share with you the average number of potential queries for your product or service.

*What do you mean by unlimited media coverage?

Unlimited media coverage is not minimum guaranteed coverage. Put simply, a single news outlet will publish your story but a great story has legs. One story or press release can get published over and over again by different outlets as long as the topic stays relevant.

how do you know what to say to journalists?

You choose whether I speak on your behalf or if you prefer to handle interviews. I develop talking points and respond directly to the media. I will respond to interview requests on your behalf as well.

how does backlink queen get my brand mentioned?

I monitor daily media queries and curate topics relevant to your product or service. I send out requests up to 3x per day. You email your quotes to me and I put them in the hands of the publisher.


I use website analytics tools and search engine monitoring software to generate a monthly report of your progress. I show you the number of queries forwarded, pitches sent, mentions, and backlinks.

Do I have to sign a monthly or annual contract?

No contracts required! Sign up and cancel anytime. The average business will see a lift in brand mentions in less than 90 days but results may vary.

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