Meet the

Backlink Queen


I’m a publicity and marketing strategist for entrepreneurs, field experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their content. I help clients get featured in influential blogs and media outlets, and land interviews on local and national TV or radio. Mystrategic vision helps brands achieve popularity without the overwhelming cost of an agency. Content is king. The Backlink Queen gets your content seen.

01. Strategic

I have a signature approach to building quality backlinks that increases the number of times your brand gets mentioned in the news.

02. Professional

With more than a decade of experience specializing in PR and marketing, I’ve earned thousands of backlinks for my long-term clients.

03. Loyal

I care about your brand as much as you do, which is how I’m able to convey your brand message to a large targeted audience.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

I cherish long-lasting relationships with my clients. Over time, we achieve stronger results that can anchor a brand’s message. After 30 days, one of my clients saw a bump in direct and referral traffic, as well as a spike in brand mentions.


Traffic Inrease


Mentions Increase

Hail the Queen

St. Petersburg, FL
(813) 760-5303